Rusty on road rules? New to the biking scene, or from out of state? Learn the rules of the road by visiting Texas Bike Laws for a quick overview.

Urban Cycling

Riding on streets is generally a faster way to travel by bike, but make sure you’re safely sharing the road.Bike thoughtfully, and make sure you follow the street laws to avoid dangerous situations

The 5 most common car-bike accidents and how to avoid them.

How to properly lock your bike

Avoid locking your bike to hand railings and stop signs. Look for bike racks or street signs in relatively high-traffic areas (bikes in out-of-sight areas are more likely to be stolen).

Your frame and rear tire are the most expensive parts of your bike. If possible, lock your bike through the main frame of your bike and around your rear tire as show in the picture below.

Reporting Bike Theft

If your bike is stolen:
  • – Contact RUPD as soon as possible at 713-348-6000 or stop by the station to report your bicycle stolen.
  • – Report the theft whether your bike is registered or not. The likelihood of the bicycle being recovered is greater if it is registered. It is important for the RUPD to be aware of all bicycle thefts, to better assist in recovery.
  • – Inform the RUPD of the make, model and color of the bicycle, as well as the location of the bicycle before the theft.For more information or suggestions about Rice’s bicycle safety guidelines, please contact RUPD at 713-348-6000 or

If your bike is a rental bike: