Rice Bikes Staff

Rice Bikes is Rice’s newest Student Run Business! Full time undergraduate and graduate students are responsible for all aspects of their businesses including but not limited to finance, personnel, inventory, marketing and training.

Working in a student run business provides a unique experiential learning opportunity to gain hands-on skills useful for any career path. Rice Bikes hires new employees every semester.

Meet the entire Rice Bikes family:

Our talented management team:

Anthony Perez | General Manager
Contact: arp2@rice.edu


Luke Howe-Kerr | Operations Manager
Contact: leh8@rice.edu

Errol Jordheim | Head Mechanic
Contact: erj3@rice.edu
Jeremiah Chikota | Branding Manager
Contact: jsc8@rice.edu

Soohyun Yoon | Personnel Manager
Contact: sy40@rice.edu

Solana Buchanan | Finance Manager
Contact: skb8@rice.edu


Graham Curtis | Projects Manager
Contact: gcc5@rice.edu

Stoyan Komitov | Projects Manager
Contact: sak7@rice.edu