Here is a list of repairs we offer at the shop!

If you do not see a service you need for your bike, or if you are unsure what is wrong with your bike, come in during shop hours for an examination. We are happy to check your bike for you and if something does not work, we can explain what the issue is. Examinations are free of charge, and walk-ins are acceptable. If you have a deadline please email us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Category Service Cost
Frame and Alignment Align Derailleur Hanger $12
Basic Clean $6
Install Front Basket $10
Install Carrier Rack $8
Major Clean $15
Bike Build $30
Handlebars Install Grips $11 + Grips
Install Handlebars $8 + Handlebars
Wrap Handlebars $12 + Tape
Brakes Adjust Rim Brake $10
Adjust Disc Brake $12
Install Brake or Lever $15
Install Brake Cable $20
Stem Install Stem $5
Headset Adjust Bearings: FH, BB, HS $5
Adjust Bearings, RH $9
Bearing Overhaul $11
Wheels Adjust Hub $5
Wheel True $20
Front hub bearing overhaul $20
Rear hub bearing overhaul $26
Coaster hub bearing overhaul $20
Install Wheel $10 + Wheel
Tires and Tubes Replace Tire $10 + Tire
Replace Tube $12 (including tube)
Bottom Bracket Adjust Bearings BB $5
Install Cartridge BB $20 + BB
Install Cup and Spindle BB $20 + BB
Overhaul Cup and Spindle BB $20
Install One-Piece BB $20 + BB
Overhaul One-Piece BB $20
Drive-train Clean+lube Chain $5
Replace Pedals $9 + Pedals
Clean Gears $6
Replace Chain $9 + Chain
Install Freewheel $10 + Freewheel
Replace Crankset $13 + Crankset
Install Cassette $12 + Cassette
Shifters and Derailleurs Adjust Derailleur $12
Install Shift Cable $20
Install Derailleur $20 + Derailleur
Install Shifter $15 + Shifter
Saddle and Seatpost Install Seatpost w/o saddle $8 + Seatpost
Install Saddle $8 + Saddle
Install Seatpost and Saddle $7 + Seatpost + Saddle