Bike Model and Accessories

Bike Models

Rice Bikes’ rental fleet contains 2 types of bike models.

Torker U-District

Torker U3


We offer several services in addition to the bike:

Easy Storage:

  • Don’t worry about finding storage for your bike during breaks. We will store the bike during summer and winter breaks!

Repairs and maintenance is covered:

  • What does this really mean? If you have a flat tire or your chain is getting noisy, simply go to Rice Bikes and we will get your bike back in shape with no additional fees. This maintenance fee does not cover extensive repairs such as damaged frame or wheels, however.  Excessive repairs due to misuse of the bike or lack of maintenance will be charged to the renter. For more information on what is covered check out the Rental Agreement.


  • We provide U-Lock to every renter. It will help prevent theft, but only if you properly lock your bike by securing both rear wheel and frame to a solid bike rack.

U-Bolt Lock

  • Baskets are provided for free upon request of the renter. It will help you in carrying groceries, bags or other items on the go.
  • A front and rear light set are NOT included. We do have front and rear lights available for purchase in our shop. (NOTE: Lights are required for night biking by the Texas Bike Laws).

  • ** Helmets are not provided but are for sale for a reasonable price in the Rice Bike Shop. Although not required for those over 18, we strongly recommend the use of a helmet when biking.

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