Rice Bikes offers rental pricing based off of a one or two semester rate. All rentals include a $100 security deposit, that will be refunded as long as all the rental terms are met at the completion of the rental period.

  • One Semester/Summer: $65
  • Two Semesters: $120
  • One Month $30 (based upon availability)

Single Semester Rental:
Check out your bike during the second week of classes, use it for the whole semester and return it just before finals period for storage.

Multi-semester Rental:
At the end of your rental term, you have the option to extend your rental into the next semester (or the summer). By choosing this option, you will have access to the bike during winter break, and the added benefit of just paying your deposit once and getting your second semester for $55. There is no limit on the number of terms you can continuously rent from us.

How to Apply:
To get started on your rental application, take a look at our Rental Agreement below. Once you’ve read through it, you can begin the Rental Application which will help us match you with a bicycle.

If you have any questions about the wording or expectations, please feel free to contact us.

Rental Agreement

Rental Application

What you get with your rental:

  • Critical Cycle Bicycle (Sizes: 44, 47, 53…)
  • U-Lock and Key (x1)

Still have more questions about our rental program? Visit our Rental FAQ page to read more about the details.

If you don’t think renting is for you and would like to purchase a bike, click here to order a new bike now. Click here to learn more about our refurbished bike program.