How it Works

With our program, you can rent a bicycle on a semester basis (this is not an hourly rental program) or a yearly basis. The bike comes equipped with a front basket (good for off-campus trips!), and a u-bolt lock. Front and rear lights are available for purchase through the shop.

Individual Rental:

Check out your bike during the second week of classes, use it (with respect) for the whole semester and return it during the finals period for storage.

Semester rental fee:  $65

Refundable deposit:  $100

Alternatively, you can check out a bike for $120 the whole school year. You will have access to the bike during winter break, and the added benefit of just checking out the bike once, at the beginning of the year, and then checking in the bike at the end of the year before summer break.

Bike Models Available:

Torker U-3


Torker U-District