all other questions, please email ricebikes@gmail.com

What if I have a flat tire or need something adjusted?

Renting with Rice Bikes comes with free maintenance and care at our shop. Just visit us at our new location in the Student Center through the Brown Garden Ray Courtyard during our business hours, or you can make an appointment.

What if the bike is damaged?

You will pay for excessive repairs beyond normal wear and tear, as outlined in the rental agreement. The maximum penalty charge we charge is $300, which is the money we would need to replace the bike entirely.

What if you leave your bike unlocked or improperly locked?

In the signed waiver form, you agree to lock the bike properly at all times. Therefore, improper locking technique will result first in an email warning, and second in a $20 charge. A third violation will result in dismissal from the rental program with no refund of the rental fee.

The penalties for leaving your bike completely unlocked are less tolerant, for obvious reasons of loss prevention. A first violation results in a $20 charge. Your second violation will result in dismissal from the program, with no rental fee refund.

What if I return the bike late?

You will have to pay a late return fee of $30 for the first day and an additional $5 for every day after that until it reaches the cost of the bike. We need enough time to tune-up and store the bikes before finals are over. We want to start our break, too!

What if the bike is stolen?

Lost and stolen bikes carry a maximum fine of $300.  The actual fine will vary based on specific circumstances as determined by Rice Bikes.  Most of the time, bikes are stolen due to being incorrectly locked. You will be informed how to properly secure you bike, and we expect you to do so at all times.  We hope to continue offering this rental program for future Rice students for many years to come so we need to maintain our fleet of bikes.

What if the basket, front light, or u-bolt lock is stolen or lost?

You will have to pay the exact amount of the item as listed in the rental agreement.  These amounts will be taken from the deposit.