Texas Bike Laws

Proper Use of Hand Signals: 











These points are adapted from the Texas Transportation Code:

1) bicycles are allowed on sidewalks except in business districts or where prohibited by a sign (biking on Rice’s outer loop is prohibited)

2) bicycles must ride close to the right curb whenever practicable unless preparing to make a left turn or passing another vehicle moving in the same direction (with the exception of one-way streets)

3) bicycles must use proper hand signals when turning

4) for night biking, bicycles are required to have a white front headlight and a red rear reflector (although a red rear light is preferable)

5) bicycles must obey all of the same rules of the road as cars, including stopping at stop signs and red lights and obeying one-way signs

6) pedestrians always have the right of way

7) if under 18, bicyclists must wear a helmet