Want to ride with Rice Bikes?


Rice Bikes hires a staff of 30+ undergraduate and graduate students. Some of our mechanics started working their freshman year while others joined much later in their time at Rice. Our staff has a diverse and talented background, allowing every new employee to bring something to the table.



Our 2018-2019 Team!


Mechanics are a crucial part of the cycling culture here at Rice. They also get to be part of a fun team that enjoys hands-on work and problem-solving. We train our mechanics on how to properly fix bikes so no experience is necessary.


Outside of mechanics, our managers help to run the shop and perform other duties. Skills or a background in design, finance and team leadership are great to bring up on your application as they will be a great asset for you, should you apply to be a manager. Manager positions are open to each and every employee, even if they were just hired!


Ready to get started? We hire twice a year at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. Check out our Facebook for announcements of when hiring will be.



HOURS: Monday to Friday 1 - 6 PM, Saturday & Sunday 1 - 4 PM