About Us

Rice Bike’s Mission:

To reduce Rice’s carbon footprint, encourage travel beyond the hedges, and foster a safe and healthy bike culture on campus and around Houston by providing access to affordable, high-quality, well-maintained bicycles for Rice undergraduates, graduate students, and exchange students.

Our bike shop has built a solid reputation among the student body for friendly mechanics and great service at a low price. The bike shop is a convenient location for reliable repairs and is is a proud partner in servicing one of the biggest events on campus:

The bike shop also is renowned for its start of the semester sale of refurbished bikes, offering students an option of getting around campus, and potentially, a ticket to a great weekend spent in Houston. Another option we are investing is offering bike rentals. All this comes together as a result of our strong desire to spread the bike culture to you – we love biking and we believe you do too!